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Welcome to FC Club (Fortune Connection Club) - a network for business professionals and connect the international community and people from a broad range of cultural backgrounds and experiences.


The world's professionals amongst globally minded people include expatriates and people that have had experience abroad or that want to increase their connections with professionals from all over the world.


The FC Club is one of the biggest English speaking networking organizations in Asia. It is a very powerful and leading business networking organization and after 15 years now it has been developed to an international networking organization. It serves a rapidly growing community of over 200,000 active members.


The FC Club is dedicated to bringing together business professionals, business managers, expatriates, human resource managers, and headhunters for its monthly events. Various social networking events and activities including Investors & Entrepreneurs Mixer, Art, Fashion & Luxury Networking Evenings, Business & Financial Evenings, Media Evenings and Career Development Evenings etc. are held every month in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.


FC Club members are typically in their late 20's to late 40's senior management and more than 80 percent are country heads, general managers and heads of department. They are highly educated and motivated. Many of them are the most active mid-career business professionals in their respective communities all over the world. People often attend the events for purely social reasons - to meet old friends and to make new friends. They also know that often it is not what you know about whom you know that helps in life. They have found that The FC Club (Fortune Connection Club) is the place to meet the right people.


Since 2002 FC Club has organized more than 2,000 events in 10 locations. FC Club Networking Events is a weekly and monthly gathering of people who are interested in business networking and meeting socially. Various social networking events and activities including Business & Financial Evenings, Media, Sales & Marketing Evenings and Career Development Evenings, Fashion & Luxury Networking Soirée, Leaders Networking Evening, Hospitality Networking Evening and Supply Chain & Logistics Networking Evenings and other events through the calendar.


More than 200 events per year, over 25,000 guests welcomed at FC Club Events annually.


With FC Club You can

- Meet world's professionals to expand your network in your local community

- Offline networking events and activities

- Create your personalized professional identity

- Connect and expand your professional circle

- Connect business and find new business or career opportunities and make international friends

- Build and share experience and receive advise from experts and members who have experience



FC Club财富关系俱乐部  -成功从这里开始 – 生活 . 职业 . 商务


FC Club 是一家致力于举办活动的商务社交平台。每月的职业发展活动聚集各行各业的商界精英,人力资源和猎头公司的专业人士及外籍人士。




FC Club财富关系俱乐部是中国最大和最早的英语商务社交平台。 经过十五年的成长, 现已发展成一个全球网络平台。她迅速增长,在上海、北京、香港有超过20万的活跃会员, 几千场活动。


FC Club FC Club财富关系俱乐部的会员通常是30岁不到及40多岁之间的高级管理层。超过80%的人为地区及部门主管、总经理。




在FC Club你可以

- 扩大社交圈、结识来自世界各地的商务精英

- 线下商务社交主题聚会

- 创建个性化的职业身份

- 连接和扩展自己的专业圈子

- 拓展业务及寻找新的业务或事业机会

- 创建自己圈子并分享经验, 有机会得到有经验的专家会员的建议及交流